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Death PenaltyDeath Penalty 
and Mumia Cause
Fight the Death Penalty in America
Alternatives to the Death Penalty
National Coalition to Stop the Death Penalty
Anti-death penalty-Mumia cause
The lynching of Shaka
Death Penalty News and Updates
Refuse and Resist

Cuban Solidarity
CubaSi- newsgroup for Cuban solidarity
CubaWeb- web from Cuba
Granma International- official Cuban newspaper
Cubasi complete list for Cuban links
Guerrilla Base Issues Page- Cuban issues
The People of Cuba vs. US government
Cuban Solidarity in the USA
UK-Cuban Solidarity

Websites with the Issues
Seeing Red- International News
Supersphere- Progressive News
TomPaine- Common Sense (Progressive News)
Worker's World
Seattle Against the WTO
People for fair trade
Seattle and the WTO
The Che Guevara Page
El Comandante Che Guevara
Guerrilla Base Che Guevara Page
Expand Your Mind- Anti-Imperiaist Page